Value of  Participating in the Vegetation Management for Utility Managers Workshop

“Before the Vegetation Management for Utility Managers workshop, simultaneously minimizing tree-related outages and maintenance costs sounded like a wish divorced from reality. But with one graphic you clearly and simply demonstrated not only why this is possible but in fact necessary to contain future costs. Being able to forecast both the financial and reliability consequences of deferred maintenance has long been an industry goal. Not only have you provided the means of doing so, you’ve made simple what appeared impenetrably complex.” — D.P. Green, Manager – Line Clearance Services, Alliant Energy


On completion of a 10 year retrospective and 5 year projection of tree-related outages and economic impact:

“Absolutely awesome! You were my only hope and I really thought I had asked the impossible of you. You’ve taken VM to a new level!” — R.N. Thiessen, Forestry Supervisor, TransAlta Utilities


Upon settlement of the case brought by the Consumer Services Division of the CPUC against PG&E for mismanagement of the vegetation management program:

“We were impressed by the quality of your testimony and expertise.”–  C.A. Johnson, Legal Counsel, CPUC

 “We were impressed by your objectivity, and abilities to combine statistical assessments of efficiency with suggestions for technical improvement.” — D. Pickard, Line Assessments, West Kootenay Power


Regarding an examination of the environmental and human exposure risks, public relations risks and the economic impact of including herbicides in the vegetation management program:

“We were impressed! You did everything we asked for and everything you said you would.  Being able to count on quality work delivered on time makes our jobs a lot easier.”– B. Bolen, Environmental Issues Management, SaskPower

 “Read your paper ‘Trees Grow on Money.’ You don’t know how refreshing it is to know that there are still people and companies who know what they are talking about … in vegetation management.”– Ian Smith, Director, Tree Management  Technologies Pty Ltd.