Project Examples

Ecosync has created an international reputation for conceptualizing, designing and implementing:

  • a comprehensive ecological approach to vegetation management for electrical utilities which simultaneously minimizes costs and tree related outages
  • financial interpretation of data arising from TransAlta Forestry reporting system, permitting an assessment of the value of program choices, crew configurations, supervision, stability of work force, etc.
  • an Incentive Contract, which shared productivity gains with contractors and their field staff while ensuring safety, quality and customer satisfaction are not jeopardized
  • a business decision tool permitting people without a financial background to make quick assessments of the value of current vegetation management practices vs. proposed alternatives
  • computer programs for tracking budgets, scheduling crews, monitoring reporting accuracy and uniformity
  •   innovative methods, protocols and systems to:
    • determine the optimal clearance between electric lines and trees
    • calculate the increased interruption risk associated with branches overhanging electrical conductors
    • assess total power line tree exposure
    • track and report work for utility VM

Over four decades, we’ve also:

  • guided the design and implementation of a record keeping/reporting system for the Forestry group of TransAlta Utilities which facilitates assessments of site and unit costs, productivity and future needs
  • trained and guided field staff in contract/contractor relationships, work planning, scheduling, evaluations
  • provided a conceptual approach leading to the development of a practical protocol to quantitatively monitor changes in soil carbon arising from variable agricultural practices over broadly diverse landscapes
  • developed provincial estimates of the CO2 sequestration potential of Alberta forest protection and renewal measures
  • created methods to quantify, monitor and verify carbon sequestration in forestry and agricultural practices