Do you think regulators should permit the full recovery of money spent on tree trimming related activities? They should because for your tree conditions and clearance standards there is a specific amount of tree work that must be done on an annual basis to prevent an escalation in tree-caused outages and future maintenance costs.

 Vegetation Management for Utility Managers Workshop:

  • provides the concepts in easy to understand graphics. Build on this by modeling your utility specific impacts of under-funding expressed in both economic and outage terms and you have a compelling argument for proper funding of the vegetation management program.
  • exposes the hidden natural laws that are the key to understanding and drastically reducing tree-related outages and costs simultaneously.
  • demonstrates why utilities are spending from 10% to 300% more on Vegetation Management programs than necessary.

When you understand where the tree workload comes from and how it expands, you enhance your ability to truly manage vegetation and its associated costs.

To arrange a preview of the key concepts in Vegetation Management for Utility Managers, call us. We’ll provide you with access to graphics that we’ll discuss with you via telephone.

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