Optimal Clear Width Calculator and Line Strikevegetation Risk Chart Services

  • At long last, a quantitative means of reducing the risk of tree-conductor contacts. Need to seriously reduce tree-related outages 50% or more? Follow the link to learn how.

Vegetation Management for Utility Managers – Onsite Workshop

  • The hidden natural laws that are the key to understanding and drastically reducing tree-related outages and costs. Read how utilities can save from 10% to 300% or more on VM program spending and get better results.

Impact of Deferred Maintenance Modeling

  • The tree workload is like a debt. To decrease the amount of debt, payments must be large enough to cover both accrued annual interest and some principal. Paying the annual interest charges would hold the debt at a constant level.
  • Deferring tree pruning and vegetation management will result in much higher future costs… it’s the equivalent of paying less than the annual interest charges.
  • Have you been covering the annual interest? Only a history of level tree-related outages would indicate that you are.
  • Modeling the impact of deferred maintenance will quantify future costs and outages.

A Financial Assessment Tool For The Avoided Cost Of Pruning

Now you can readily assess whether a tree replacement at a particular site makes good business sense – in minutes, not hours. You don’t have to be a financial wizard or a trained bean-counter to apply these sound business decision-making processes. The Avoided Cost of Pruning Model does it for you. And you can take it for a free 30 day test drive.

  • Financial assessment for tree replacement on a site by site basis
  • Determine the cash value for a tree voucher
  • Determine what tree removals make financial sense

This tool should be in the hands of your customer contact staff. It can be run on PDAs.

VM Program Assessments

  • Detailed examination and analysis identifying the barriers limiting meaningful reductions in tree-related outages

Derivation of Increased Risk Associated With Branches Overhanging Conductors

  • Communities forcing you to accept branches overhanging distribution conductors? When wind or ice storms hit these overhangs will result in greater system damage. Have you had a hard time explaining to communities the consequences of their tree protection decisions?
  • Want to know how to calculate the increased risk and the associated increased incidence of tree-caused caused outages under storm conditions for lines with overhangs versus no overhang? Read the article Electric Service Interruption Risk Associated with Branches Overhanging Conductors
  • Or if you prefer, contact us to calculate the increased risk so that you can convey to communities the consequences of their actions before, rather than after, a major storm.

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