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Vegetation Management (VM)

Do you want to:

  • Determine the quantitative assessment of your tree risk exposure?
  • Decrease tree related outages 30%, 50%, even 80%?
  • Stabilize tree-related outages?
  • Minimize VM costs while decreasing outages?
  • Increase productivity?
  • Get a 98% customer satisfaction rating to go along with it?

Sound impossible?

It’s not! If you want proof, browse the articles in Papers & Articles.

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Whether you are:

A utility manager

  • Under pressure from regulators to improve electric system reliability
  • Seeking to achieve performance incentives or avoid penalties
  • Looking for an actionable understanding for managing tree-related outages for progressive improvement

A utility regulator

  • Faced with mounting customer complaints about service reliability
  • Unwilling to accept that there is little one can do to control tree-related outages
  • Frustrated with the cyclical re-emergence of tree-related reliability problems
  • Wishing to quantify the effect of past utility VM decisions on maintenance costs

A utility forester

  • Looking for new approaches, new ideas, and technical information
  • Needing quantitative approaches to justify your VM program, including modeling the impact of under-funding
  • Exploring financial models and methods to effectively compete for limited maintenance funds

You’ve come to the right place.