Ecological Solutions Inc. provides consulting and research in utility arboriculture or utility vegetation management. Whether you want to improve reliability, ensure efficiency or make your utility vegetation management expenditures a flow through expense with regulators, we have the proven experience to help you achieve your objectives.

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For expertise in these and related topics contact Ecological Solutions Inc.

For expertise in these and related topics contact Ecological Solutions Inc.

Reduce tree related outages, optimize system reliability and minimize costs. Tree caused outages are controllable. Recognizing and using ecological principles, tree related outages can be reduced while simultaneously assuring maintenance costs are minimized.

 Quantitative Tree-Conductor Risk Assessments to Effectively Manage & Reduce Tree-related Outages

Tree-caused outages are one of the major causes of service interruptions. Only a very specific plan which incorporates tree ecology can produce sustained reductions in tree-caused outages. Most tree caused-outages arise from tree or branch failures. Successful vegetation management programs target these causes. Tree pruning cycles must be based on growth rates and have flexibility to address abnormal growth.

 Trees: A Growing Liability

Tall growing vegetation is a liability to utilities. This liability needs to be proactively managed. Vegetation management initiatives based on quantitative measures of tree growth and inventory are the starting point for managing the tree liability.

Electric service reliability is highly valued by customers. Reliability will become increasingly important to regulators and electricity marketers. Pressure to more effectively manage reliability, while evident today, will increase in the future. There appears to be less tolerance even for storm caused damages where trees tend to figure prominently.

Ecological Solutions Inc. provides: assessments of vegetation management programs; predictive modeling of tree related outages under constrained maintenance funding; a quantitative approach to assessing the risk of tree-conductor conflicts; financial analysis tools for line clearance activities; cost effective solutions for vegetation management issues.

At Ecological Solutions Inc., you’ll find a wealth of information in the form of free technical, trade journal papers and articles dealing with numerous aspects of right of way vegetation management, from herbicides to measures of contractor effectiveness. See examples of our industry leading services for managing tree-related outages and modeling the impacts of underfunding line clearance on future tree-caused outages and budget requirements.

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